18,9L Poly Carbonate Water Bottle

Alton’s poly carbonate bottles are manufactured for each market’s individual needs.

Data Sheet

Product description 18,9L Poly carbonate water bottle (standard 5 Gallon) used mainly by HOD bottlers
Bottle dimensions 490mm high
  269mm diameter
Neck size 55.5mm
Bottle weight 760 grams – 780 grams
Method of manufacture Extrusion blow moulding – 100 point MOOG
Colour Standard blue (other colours available upon request, subject to availability)
Test method Clarity, weight, impact, drop and leak tests are covered on each batch
  (Test reports available on request)
Approval Covered by the EU and FDA directives under the raw material manufacturing
Packaging 5 x bottles per PP 50 micron bag
  220 x bags per 20ft container
  480 x bags per 40ft high cube container


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