Alton is a water consumables supply company that believes in quality.

Founded in 2012

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Alton’s expertise lies in:

  • Importing water-related consumables such as water dispensers and accessories from Asia and Europe.
  • Blow moulding 11L to 18.9L carbonate bottles, with and without handles and taps.
  • Manufacturing non-spill and one-piece caps.
  • Offering turnkey solutions for water treatment to bottling lines.
  • Introducing one-way and low-cost, reusable HDPE kegs.
  • Alton is also BWCA and WE accredited, expanding their market to Europe

Featured Product – Junior 300 Washer

The Junior 300 Washer has the following main features:

  • It is designed for 5 washing treatment.
  • It can manage 5 litres to 5Gallons bottles.
  • Automatic bottle inload and outload.
  • Neck handling of the bottle by patented grippers.
  • Rotary and self-cleaning nozzles (Patented).
  • Lack of point with water stagnation.
  • Automatic disinfection of the rinsing area.
  • Easy access for ordinary maintenance.
  • Change-over easy and with no downtimes.

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