Trevi 5G

5L to 5 Gallon(18,9 liter) PET one way bottles. This state of the art system allows you to interchange bottle sizes between 5L to 5 Gallon(18,9L) including, rinsing, filling, capping(with with a screw closure or push on closure) and labelling.

Victoria 5G

This state of the art 3 or 5 gallon(11,4L or 18,9L) fully automated bottling plant offers a full turnkey solution. Auto loading by robot from Prostack pallets to decapping, rinsing, filling, capping and loading full bottles back onto the Prostack pallets is an effortless way to run your successful water business.

Junior 300/600

This versatile system can handle both oneway and returnable bottles from 5L to 5 Gallon(18,9L) This system offers a similar solution to the Trevi 5G but with an leading edge in comparison to other systems available out in the market.