Non-Spill Cap

Alton’s poly non-spill caps are manufactured in our facility in China. A popular export product across Europe and Africa.

Data Sheet

Product description 10 – 12 gram LLDPE 55mm (5 gallon standard) non spill cap with peel-off dust
protection seal (non adhesive) mainly used by HOD bottlers.
(peel-off seal – own logo or regulatory logos available on request)
Cap dimensions as per drawing
Neck size 55mm
Cape weight 12 grams
Method of manufacture Injection moulding
Colour Standard blue (other colours available upon request, subject to availability)
Test method Clarity, weight, impact, drop and leak tests are covered on each batch
(Test reports available on request)
Approval Covered by the EU and FDA directives under the raw material manufacturing
Packaging 500 x non-spill caps per 58 x 37 x 36cm double lined box
Box inner non-spill caps are packaged into a pp plastic liner for dust protection.
20Ft: 420 boxes (unpalletized); 40Ft HC: 970 boxes (unpalletized)


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